Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What it iz

What I learned from Week 1

Wow! It’s finally over…the first week of Fantasy Football. I had a harder time going to sleep Saturday night than a 10-year-old on Christmas Eve. So what did you learn from week 1? Well, I learned that Calvin Johnson needs to learn how to catch (COME ON MAN! how could he drop that pass in the end-zone for the win). I also learned that Alex Barron, #71 of the cowboys, used to be a UFC submission specialist. It’s the only explanation for that super-ultra-mega death choke hold he put on that Redskin. Seriously though, there were a lot of things going on in week 1 that you had better take note of if you want to stay competitive in your league.

The first game I watched on Sunday was the Colts vs. Texans. I’m sure you had at least one player in this game (if not you’re an idiot). Of course the big story of this game was Arian Foster’s 241 yds and 3 TD’s. Now before you go and sacrifice your first born to the fantasy football gods as atonement for picking Chris Johnson, A.P., or Michael Turner with your top pick, wait just a sec. Keep in mind that the Colts have never been known for their stellar rush defense. Last season they had the 24th ranked rush defense giving 4.3 yards per attempt. They also lost their strong safety, Bob Sanders, in the first half (apparently he is the one on the team who is allowed to tackle RB’s). With those speedy but small LB’s, the Colts count on Sanders to come in and drop the THUNDA COOKIES on run plays (maybe they can pick up Fat Albert Haynesworth to clog up the middle, Redskins sure didn’t use him much....I hate him by the way). You have to look at all weapons the Texans have: Jones, Johnson, Walter, and Daniels were all targeted in the Red Zone. I’m not saying Foster isn’t going to be a must-start each week, but at the end of the season he won’t be on top.

Now on to the others. A.P turned out a decent game against a good Saints Defense - 84 rushing and 14 receiving isn’t half bad and look for him to put up similar numbers plus a TD against the Dolphins next week. Turner the Burner played more like an Easybake oven on Sunday with 42 yards and 7 receiving. What can you say besides he had a horrible match-up? Steelers rush defense is stout and kept every Falcon in check all day long. I expect Turner to blow up on Arizona next week, and the fact that he got 19 carries shows the team’s commitment to him and the rush game. Did you see how fast Chris Johnson was running? He topped out at 22 mph on that 76 yard TD run. Not impressed? Have your friend fire-up your mom’s Hyundai and try and keep up with him while he goes 22 mph. Go ahead I’ll wait...couldn’t do it, huh? I know man, I tried too. He defiantly showed why he was the number one pick in most drafts.

I also watched the Packers vs. Eagles. The Eagles need to fire their strength and conditioning coach. Their entire team was injured (I think at one point they ran out of players and Andy Reid had to suit up). What about Vick! It’s like he forgot that his career died two years ago. He played good and while I don’t think there will be any QB controversy, whichever one suits up is bound to beat up the Lions.

I know there is a ton I didn’t get to, like L.T. bitch slapping Greene and taking all the carries (really Greene? 0.7 points? I hope Ray Lewis follows you home and tackles your children) but we gotta save something to talk about on the show right? So that’s what it was and this is What it iz.


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