Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 3 Wrap up

The Giants look like they can't do anything right, lots of turnovers and penalties do not a win make.  However, as bad as they have been undervalued guys like Manningham have had value (over 75 yards receiving each game).
Although they give their fans headaches, there is value in NY.

Another Pitiful performance by the Carolina offense.  Have we finally found a QB who can hurt Steve Smith's value?  Keep in mind DeAngelo started off slow last year too and still finished well.

PIT vs. TB
It appears PIT will keep rolling with Mendenhall, I expect his value to stay the same or even increase when Big Ben returns.  On the TB side the wheels continue to fall off for Cadillac (<-  See what I did there).  He's averaging 2.5 YPC.  Look for TB to begin to get LeGarrett Blount involved in this offense over the bye week.  He could be a sneaky grab off the waiver wire this week.

BUF vs. NE
who would have thought the mighty Bills would put up 30 on the Pats this week?  They have given Lynch a majority of the touches in the backfield the past two weeks.  He should clearly be owned in all leagues now, but I'd have to be pretty desperate to put him in our starting lineup.

Anquan Boldin's clearly the WR to own in this offense.  Now that he is on a team without Fitz and Ray Rice is a little banged up maybe he'll put up a career year.  Speaking of Ray Rice, it seems like Baltimore was treating him like glass and that could continue with the nagging injury.  Peyton Hillis seems to have gained some long term value by being named the starter.  If I could think of a player to compare Hillis to it might be Thomas Jones.  Although he isn't electric or exciting he'll pile up yards if given the opportunity, even when his less .

SF vs. KC
Is KC really 3-0, or am I dreaming?  Looks like the glory days of Arrowhead are coming back. Meanwhile SF fired their offensive coordinator.  My brother asked me about trading Michael Crabtree.  My advice on Crabtree is to sit tight.  Maybe the new coordinator will get him more involved and I can't see his value getting much lower.  Bench him for better options until he proves he can get it done.
Say it with me now MO-ACK-EE.
Does it say how much I love Dez Bryant that Roy Williams had a huge game (5 rec 117yds 2 TDs), and I still like Bryant more.  He just appears to be so special whenever on the field.  He is fearless of the NFL game and speed, a terrific high ball catcher, and just plays the game violently.  I told our producer Eric Page that if I could compare him to one player it would be Anquan Boldin.  Acquire him while he is putting up these 50 yard games because he is ready to explode.  Coming out of the bye he should be rested and even more involved in the offense.
Dez Bryant looks the part of a prototypical NFL wideout

Brett Farve looks like the quarterback we thought he'd be last year.  Jahvid Best has turf toe and could turn into what McFadden did his rookie year.  One big performance and then falls off the earth.

ATL vs. NO
Where ever you had Roddy White on your draft board in the preseason, it probably wasn't high enough.  It also seems that Lance Moore will resume his 2008 role as long as Reggie Bush is out.  I would try and pick him up and then sell in a few weeks before Reggie returns.

Steven Jackson's pull came back as a mild pull, so he could make it back by next week.  If he doesn't the rams offense goes from mediocre to bad and Ken Darby is nothing to get excited about.

Maclin and Jackson seem to have cemented themselves as Vick's favorite targets, while Celek appears to have been forgotten.  Celek could still have a big game, but his owners would be wise to start making other plans in case this becomes a trend.  Some suggestions from our staff have been John Carlson, Tony Moeaki, and Jermaine Gresham.

Wow Austin Collie!  Kyle Orton is surpassing even my expectations.  If you are weak at QB (ie you drafted Kevin Kolb and didn't make other plans) then try to snag him from an owner that has him on the bench.
Fantasy Owners who snagged Kyle Orton like their QBs to party.
Just another pedestrian (kidding of course) day for old Darren McFadden.  If someone has him sitting on their bench I would definitely probe them for his value.

SD vs. SEA
Two words:  Justin Forsett.  Thank you Pete Carroll for finally listening to me and featuring this guy.  Keep this up and you may actually win a lot of games this year.  I don't have to tell the wise fantasy owner about this guy.  This SHOULD be the first of many 20 touch games for Forsett.

Yea, so you needed a WR and you didn't try and trade for Marshall last week...well told you so (Podcast).

Well, that's it for this week folks,

-Trip Maschmeyer

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