Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trip's week 1 Picks

Alright guys, just so you don't get too bogged down having to scroll through our picks each week I think after this week we will only post one person's picks and you can reference the forums (see the green link on the right) if you want someone else's.

See mine and the others below in bold.

Minnesota at New Orleans - Ok, so I picked this one after the game and it probably shouldn't count for my record. But around here it is well known that I'm a Packers fan so it should be obvious I would pick the reigning SB champs.

Miami at Buffalo - I think Miami beats what's supposed to be a terrible offense (unless Spiller is some sort of Miracle worker)

Detroit at Chicago
Oakland at Tennessee - I'm a native so I have to go with the Titans
Cincinnati at New England
Carolina at NYG
Atlanta at Pittsburgh
Cleveland at Tampa Bay
Denver at Jacksonville
Indianapolis at Houston
Arizona at St Louis
Green Bay at Philadelphia - See above
San Fransisco at Seattle

Dallas at Washington - I don't worship the Cowboys like some here in the Big D, but I think Washington could be pretty awful this year.

Baltimore at NYJ
San Diego at Kansas City


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